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Southern Utah Space Foundation Scientific Innovation September 17, 2015 at 10:32 am
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Project Description

The Southern Utah Space Foundation Needs Your Help!


With your donations The Southern Utah Space Foundation will purchase a Solar Telescope that will last many decades, make it possible to organize astronomical community events during the daytime, and allow Iron County schools to show a real demonstration when teaching students about the Sun, Stars, Earth Science, and Astronomy in general.


The solar telescope that SUSF is planning to purchase is the SolarMax II 60mm Double Stack Solar Telescope with RichView system and 15mm Blocking Filter. With this telescope children of all ages can witness the most amazing sights of the Sun as it was meant to be seen. Our foundation will be providing schools the opportunity to use the solar telescope under the direction of a member of The Southern Utah Space Foundation during regularly scheduled class times and the possibility of Elementary School Field Trips. Because of your support and your generosity in donating to our foundation’s cause, we then in turn can give back to the local community.

These are actual images taken from the Solar Telescope.


What is The Southern Utah Space Foundation? We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to astronomy outreach and education in Iron County and surrounding areas.

Cedar City is a prime astronomy location because we have:

• High elevation, which improves clarity.

• Arid climate, which is best for optical equipment.

• Dark skies, due to our proximity to the surrounding State and National Parks.

The Southern Utah Space Foundation was founded in 2012 and in that short time we have:

• Fundraised for and obtained a large community telescope which is free for everyone.

• Donated over 40 astronomy books to Iron County schools.

• Hosted Astronomy in the Park education series at Discovery Park.

• Hosted many astronomy viewing events like the Solstice, the New Horizons Party, the “Supermoon”, and the Perseid Meteor Showers.

• Launched a biannual Astronomy & Art series highlighting artists and amateur astronomers.

Along with raising funds for the solar telescope The Southern Utah Space Foundation is:

• Creating mini documentaries on astronomers in the field.

• Launching a free astronomy education series online.

Our primary goal is community-oriented. We host events at Discovery Park, Main Street Park, Three Peaks Recreation Area, the Parowan Gap, and other locations. We work with the community to enhance education and an aesthetic appreciation for our naturally dark skies.

We also offer tourists, many who have never seen the night sky in their lives, the chance to view the heavens through the perfect lens; with professional equipment and from Cedar City’s prime location.

This tourist outreach promotes Cedar City as a destination for astronomy.



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