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Help us acquire the equipment we need to provide high quality photos to our clients

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Project Description

thebestnikonlensI have developed a passion for photography, and I love the idea behind it: capturing priceless moments and providing snap-shots of memories for people to look upon for years to come. We live in this beautiful world and with each day that passes, new memories begin to fade the old, our children continuously get older, and loved ones leave us along the way. How else can we hold on to each precious day than by capturing a still image that represents the mood, company, and events that played in those 24 hrs. They say “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”, why not have all those words be positive? That’s my goal!! I really, really want to provide stunning, breathtaking photos that make my clients ooze with happiness when they see their crisp, focused, cheerful photos. BUT! To be able to do this, I need a great entry-level DSLR camera. I need a great lens that allows me to focus in on the beautiful smiling faces. Turns out, my passion is really expensive. Turns out, its really frustrating to finally figure out how to manually use a DSLR, but you don’t have your very own to practice with. Or it doesn’t perform the functions you really want/need it to. Please, help me achieve my dream so that I can photograph yours.


LEVEL ONE | Publicized Thank You 

For each small donation, you will get a public ‘Thank You’ and shout-out written on our website and Facebook page.

LEVEL TWO | Free 1 Hour Photo Shoot

For each $10-$25 donation, you will receive a FREE 1 hour photo shoot of any category (Family, Headshots, Newborn, etc.), including a disc of all edited photos. Each session is normally priced at $50, so this offers you %50+ off. Also, a publicized ‘Thank you’ and shout-out will be posted on our website and facebook page.


LEVEL THREE | Ultimate Photo Package

Free 1 Hour Photo Shoot, Disc of all edited and unedited images, option of 1-5 free printouts of your choice (no larger than 8×10), and a publicized Thank You and shout-out on our website and facebook.

LEVEL FOUR | VIP Gold Package

2 Vouchers redeemable for 2 Ultimate Photo Packages (See Level 3 Appreciation). Vouchers are good for one year after the date received. Each voucher will allow 1 Free Photo Session of any category (Family, Maternity, Newborn, Solo, etc.), disc of all edited and unedited photos, and the option of 1-5 Printouts of your choice (no larger than 8×10) A publicized ‘Thank You’ and shout-out written on our website and facebook page is also included.