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Stephanie Rees Personal Cause December 16, 2016 at 5:16 pm
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Project Description

Have you ever known a person that was just amazing? My sister Stacy was such a person! My sister, who was a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, a cousin, an aunt and most of all a great friend has passed away. She has left behind her children and a husband who miss her dearly as we all do. My sister Stacy was a bright light in a dark world. She knew how to smile, to play, to love, and most of all she knew how to be a shoulder to cry on. She was a rare and beautiful person, a daughter of god that did not judge people because of there troubles in life but rather would pull up a chair, wrap up in a blanket and listen. Sometimes she would make ya something to eat or plan something fun to lift your spirits. Always a positive person looking at the good in the world and always grateful to have family and friends surrounding her.
My sister had no time in her life for pettiness and hurt feelings, of course she was not perfect but really tried to be she would rather love and laugh than toil. My sister could love a person she knew nothing about, she had genuine concern for others and it would break her heart to see someone sad. Stacy would give all that she owned to comfort someone else in need. My sister did not aspire for fame, fortune, or popularity in this life, just a smile from a stranger a hug from a child, a good meal with a friend or just the chaos that came from having family parties with nieces and nephews running all over the place. If you did not know my sister Stacy personally than you missed out on the beauty and sincerity of a genuine spirit of Divine right as a child of god! Stacy gave all that she could in this life. She gave her talents To the world. I hope you can look inward and find this love for her that she had for others in her journey. My sister was not of great wealthy measure but lived a very humble and modest life. Please support her in her last earthly need from others and donate to her passing that she may feel of our love and support. Thank you so much for caring. Sincerely a loving brother.