Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.

This is our “integrity” page.

Congratulations!!! You are now a part of the family!

By being a part of our family you are expected to adhere to our Integrity policy. We ask that your fund raising campaign pass our 3 step integrity policy.

  1. You must keep all your promises and/or promotions.
  2. You must be honest in all your dealings with those you collaborate with on
  3. You must keep your campaign clean and morally sound; ie: no profanity, no pornography, no illegal activity.

It is our ultimate goal to assist you in accomplishing all your fund building dreams, goals, objectives and ideas. In combination with this, we will provide you with the most trustworthy crowd funding platform available.

You can be rest assured we will monitor each campaign for honesty and integrity. Although perfection is our goal, we humbly acknowledge that each campaign may not work to perfection. We reserve the right to deny, suspend, and delete any campaign that does not follow our Integrity policy.

Things to remember:

Campaign creators are held responsible:

All campaigners are responsible to keep all their claims, promises, and promotions made in their campaigns.

There are no guarantees:

Always do your homework before funding a project. Be sure the campaign is real. Always look up the business or individual for authenticity.

Nothing is perfect:

Campaigns will not always be successful. However we will do all we can to provide the best platform to increase each campaigns success.


Campaigners, please tell them everything about your campaign and quickly answer your contributor’s questions. Be open and transparent with all you plan to accomplish. Contributors, email the campaign builder and ask questions. Also, email us and ask questions, report issues, give negative and positive feedback. We will do the same and continue to improve our services to all of you. We all want success! Open, honest communication from everyone will keep us all going in a successful direction.


We will give everyone the benefit of the doubt and provide everyone the opportunity to fix, edit, improve, or change their campaign when needed. We also will not hesitate to deny, suspend or delete any campaign refusing to adhere to our Integrity Policy.

What Isn't Allowed:

It is our strong desire to keep our fundraising platform SAFE to all that use it. Therefore we will not be approving and/or Suspending Campaigns that attempt to use or promote any of the following in the below list. Please contact us ASAP is you are starting a campaign and are unsure if your product is legal or safe. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

There will be NO ….

  1. Alcohol for any reason or purpose.
  2. Armaments of any kind including parts and/or imitations. (guns, explosives, ammunition, etc.)
  3. Assertion of Remedies of any kind including antidotes, treatments, preventions, cures, medicines, that claim to prevent, treat or cure any type of ailments, etc.
  4. Belligerence of any kind (example: encouragement of violence, racisms, hate, profanity, etc.).
  5. Monetary Gifts of any kind including cash, credits, pre-paid cards of any kind, other cash-equivalent devices, coins, holiday or tourism packages.
  6. Illegal, dishonest, promiscuous, deceitful or philandering behavior of any kind.
  7. Pharmaceutical medications or illegal drugs including tobacco products and marijuana.
  8. Pornography of any kind.
  9. Raising Funds for Governmental Institutions of any kind.
  10. Risk competitions of any kind including raffles, gambling, vouchers, coupons, lotteries, etc.
  11. Second Hand items of any kind including items from a store or previously owned by someone else. Items must be original or created by campaigner.
  12. Selling items of any kind. We are not a Store.
  13. Stem Cell Research or Genetic involved alterations of any kind.
  14. Vitality food products of any kind including all beverages, juices, and food-stuffs claiming to provide increased awareness, vigor, drive, energy, etc.

Thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.