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Reward Based - Reward based can be any idea or dream that you want to share with others. A music CD or Video, an invention or gadget, an innovative or creative idea, a film or a book.

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Donation based can be any charitable need or cause. Raising money for medical or travel expenses, funeral costs or bereavement, natural disasters.

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In our research we have found a few “absolutes” in crowdfunding ... We want to share them with you so that you can have the most successful campaign possible!! 

These tips we are about to share with you are guaranteed to help with your campaigns ultimate success! In fact, nearly all successful CrowdFunding campaigns have these 8 basic steps in common.

1. They all have a wonderful product, idea, cause or dream that people want to be a part of. 

2. They have an amazing emotional story along with their product, idea, cause or dream that influences or inspires people to want to support the campaign.

3. The campaigner (that’s you) will always go out and tell EVERYONE they know (in person if possible) about their campaign before (and during) the launching of the campaign. This garnishes early support. It is ok if you have already launched your campaign ….you still can go out and do this! It's not too late. You should be out promoting each day, throughout your campaign, anyway.

4. They also will build a team of 3 or more supporters that believe in the campaign... These supporters (team members) will help the campaigner sell the campaign (in person and on-line) with everyone they meet and know.

5. They also have a promotional video of their idea, product, dream, etc. When people see a video it becomes more real and convincing to them. People are also far more likely to watch a video about your campaign then they are to read your story. This is why a promotional video of a campaign has been proven to add 50% (or more) contributions to any given campaign! So make a video! If you need help with a video please email (note: our video assistance is currently only available in southern Utah and southern Nevada)

6. They add perks... or what we call “levels” to the campaign… Most successful campaigns have enticing perks added to each level of contribution. Example: “level 1” You might ask for a donation of $10 , then promise a gift in return that matches the worth of the $10 contribution. Then “level 2” you may ask for $25 , then promise a gift in return that matches the worth of the $25 contribution… and so on…

7. They launch the campaign, sharing it across all their social networks and social media contacts. Then they will individually share their campaign with each "individual" contact on every social network. This can take time. This is why forming a team is important. You can work together to accomplish this task. (note: those campaigners that create a campaign... then post it on their FaceBook page... then sit back and wait for the funds to magically roll in are RARELY successful. You must work and promote and believe and be passionate about your campaign! Share it individually on-line with everyone... several times if possible.)

8. The campaigner and their team then will “always” follow up with family, friends, co-workers and people they have met and told about the campaign. They will follow up asking “again” for their support with their campaign (in person if possible). It is hard work, but if you truly believe in your campaign and you are truly genuine, you will convince many to support you! The follow up process must continue throughout your campaign, and is essential to your success!! Successful campaigners are passionate about their campaign and will ask everyone they know at least 2 times (preferably in person) during the course of the campaign. It is OK if you have already launched your campaign … you can still build a team of a couple people that believe in your dream... they can and will help you tremendously in meeting your goal. Making a team and following up is a must!

Quick note: Family and friends are your foundation. Get them to donate early. Then people that you don't know very well (or at all) will see your campaign is receiving donations ... It will show them your story, idea, product, dream is legitimate, and will create momentum towards your successful campaign! Also, businesses that may benefit from your campaign are great resources for donations and often can bring in very large contributions. They also can be an excellent foundation in getting your campaign off the ground. Don't be afraid to go out into your community and ask for support from your local businesses!